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Things I've Done

Paranoia book cover (20k) This was the first piece of my writing ever published. Paranoia (published by West End Games) is an RPG of dark humor set in a vast underground complex full of clones who are ruled by a tyrranical and not terribly sane computer.

"Sounds like the background to a Doctor Who episode," you exclaim. It seemed that way to me, too.

This book, "Vulture Warriors of Dimension X," contains my adventure "Doctor Whom and the Paranoids of Alpha," which allowed me to present things from the point of view of all those dull-witted tools who serve despotic overlords, and whom the bright and clever hero must slip around, befuddle with paradoxes, or even kill. Then again, maybe it didn't allow that. I don't remember anymore.

The thing I like best about this book is that two slightly-interesecting groups of people have a reason to buy it.

Cover of Toon book (20k) The second edition of Toon (Steve Jackson Games's cartoon RPG) contains an adventure of mine titled "Ridiculous Journey," which is a parody of Fantastic Voyage. (This was a movie, later a book by Asimov, in which a team of doctors and a submarine are miniaturized to microscopic size to cure an otherwise inoperable brain injury in a defecting Russian scientist.) My version is funnier.