I have set up this page to collect things that I have said and done with respect to Beanworld in one place.

I will not try to explain Beanworld here; it's hard to write a brief summary of it. If you want to learn more, I refer you to the following sites:

An excellent summation of Beanworld's characters, places and things.
A Beanworld newsletter, now in blog format.
Larry Marder's Blog
The author's own words.

Back issues can be found at Beanworld Press, or often eBay. However, the comics are due to be reprinted as graphic novels by Dark Horse in 2009, with new stories on the way.

Beanworld Stuff I Have

Aside from the comics themselves, I have collected some official Beanworld merchandise, including pins, postcards, stickers, and a bolo tie.

Beanworld Stuff I Made

After reading this entry on Larry Marder's blog, I was inspired to make the following product label:

Mr. Spook's Not-Beans!

Below is a sculpture of Mr. Spook which I made for a friend. It's done in Sculpey polymer clay and is about five inches tall at the fork. Mr. Spook is either about to stamp angrily on a Mystery Pod, or he has just slipped on one. Perhaps both.

This is an attempt to render Beanworld in Bryce, a 3D editor. Gran'Ma'Pa is present in rudimentary form, and the Fix It Shop is looking good, but the Four Realities are not visible under the thin lake and there is no sand on the Proverbial Sandy Beach. Click the thumbnail for the full image, which is 90k in size.

This is a design for a Mr. Spook t-shirt (shades of the Punisher). When I made it, I laid the white fabric paint on too thickly and it is somewhat uncomfortable to wear. I used the same artwork for the Mr. Spook icon, shown further down the page.

Beanworld also served as inspiration for my webcomic, A Stray To Botaram, in which I created characters from a limited palette of abstract shapes and tried to use them to tell a story. Is it part of the Big Big Picture? Time may tell.

(My non-Beanworld related doodles and projects are mostly viewable at www.pageatatime.com.)

Beanworld Icons

Here are some Beanworld characters set up as icons / avatars:

Beanworld Speculation

The Beanworld comics portray an ecosystem in crisis, struggling to recover from a series of disasters. This lead me to consider what the "normal" Beanworld timeline would be like - how would things progress if nothing untoward happened? The following is my guess.

Note that the following is almost certainly not correct, as there's a lot I don't know about Beanworld's background; only Larry Marder has that info. It's possible that I got lucky or smart and called part of it correctly, but even if I didn't, some of the things I mention may count as spoilers if you haven't read Beanworld yet. If that doesn't bother you, feel free to read my speculation on the normal Beanworld lifecycle.

Disclaimer: Beanworld character likenesses shown on this page, and the "Beanworld" trademark, belong to Larry Marder. I am just playing in his sandbox. Copyrights for A Stray To Botaram and its characters belong to Joseph. J. Anthony, who is me.